Because men looked pretty good in the forties, too.

bde06daa7ca3510b42adc7c9fdea5a9fOr maybe I’ve just always been a fan of James Stewart.

When I put together last weeks post, I started running into men’s fashions as well, and almost included a few at the end. Then I decided they deserved their own page, so here it is. from the bottom to the top.

Because men knew how to wear shoes back then and could have competed with their wives for closet space if so desired:


I must admit these just make me smile.

Perfect when suits are still in style:


And cigarettes are still healthy (ah, ignorance is bliss).

But note what he hangs over his arm. Never leave home without it!


Or the hat.

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You have to admit it looks a lot better than the usual ball cap commonly seen now. I give permission for men to bring this look back.

This one you have permission not to bring back, though these still lurk:

1944-mens-ties-colorful-patriotic-sears 1944-mens-ties-01

Though I guess the almost solid colors in the middle aren’t too bad.

And you could hide it under a sweater:


Or a leather jacket. Timeless!


Now all you have left to do is style your hair just right.


So you can look like:


A sure way to impress the ladies!