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 The Return of the King’s Ranger  (Hearts at War – Book 4) 

Coming summer 2019!

TheReturnOfTheKingsRanger_w12352_680The war for American freedom is over, and the British have gone back to England. Myles Cunningham wants to go home as well, not knowing what has become of his family since he was forced into the Continental Army nine years earlier. He returns to the Mohawk Valley with the understanding that he is believed to have been shot for deserting—fiction that might be made real if anyone recognizes him as the son of a Tory, and a King’s Ranger.

Everything is wonderful in the growing community along the Mohawk River, except Nora Reid is still alone. With her brother happily settled and both of her younger sisters starting families of their own, Nora feels the weight of her twenty-four years. A long walk leads her to the overgrown rubble of the Cunningham homestead where a bearded stranger begins to awaken feelings she’d lost hope of ever experiencing.

With secrets abounding—including whether Myles even cares for her—Nora must determine what she is ready to give up and how far she will go to secure his affections. She begins to break through his defenses, but Myles can’t risk staying. Not if he loves her.