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The Tory’s Daughter   (Hearts at War – Book 3) 

perf5.000x8.000.inddBurying his wife is the hardest thing Joseph Garnet has ever done. Then he is called to leave his young son and baby daughter to fight Iroquois raiders. When Joseph tackles one of the marauders trying to steal his horse, the last thing he expects is to end up tussling with a female. The girl is wounded, leaving Joseph little choice but to haul her home to heal—an act that seems all too familiar.
Though Joseph doesn’t appear to remember her, Hannah Cunningham could never forget him. He rode with the mob that forced her two brothers into the Continental Army and drove her family from their home—all because of her father’s loyalties to The Crown. After five years with her mother’s tribe, starvation and the rebels have left her nothing but the driving need to find her brothers.
Compelled by a secret he’s held for far too long, Joseph agrees to help Hannah find what remains of her family. Though she begins to steal into his aching heart, he knows the truth will forever stand between them. Some things cannot be forgiven.


“Once again, Couch crafts a nuanced tale of secrets kept and losses mourned, while pitting the hero and heroine against seemingly insurmountable odds. Readers will root for these courageous and headstrong characters to claim their happily ever after.” ~Heidi McCahan, author of Unraveled and Covering Home

The Tory’s Daughter is another winner from historical romance writer, Angela K. Couch. I loved Hannah Cunningham with all her spark and spunk. And brooding Joseph Garnet…who wouldn’t fall in love with this hurting hero, struggling to love again? The tension and attraction between the two characters is tangible and undeniable, except perhaps to Joseph and Hannah themselves. The Tory’s Daughter had me anxiously turning the pages to discover what trouble Hannah would once again be responsible for, eager to find out whether Joseph and Hannah would finally put their pasts behind them, and unsure whether they’d ever be on the same page long enough to realize how crazy they are about each other. Superb writing from an amazing story teller. Definitely one not to be missed.
~ Marion Ueckermann, USA Today Bestselling Author

The author has a unique way of drawing you from the present into the past with vivid settings and three dimensional characters. I found The Tory’s Daughter an inspirational, historical gem. A winning combination between action and romance, with a promise of hope even in the midst of a distress.
~Lucy Nel, author of The Widow’s Captive

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