Welcome! It was such a privilege to have my work included in the following anthologies and boxsets with other wonderful authors. Included below is the description of my story included in the corresponding book. Click on the cover for a quick trip to Amazon!




When I’m Gone

(First Place Romance)
Summer 1942.
Just before the competition that could launch their careers as professional ballroom dancers, Elaine Mathews’s partner, James Larson, gets drafted into the army. Now, with her dreams and the man she loves hanging in the balance, Elaine must acknowledge what she’s most afraid to lose.





Hot chocolate with marshmallows in a vintage cup

I Heard the Bells

(First Place)
Virginia, December 1864
Three years ago, Gabriel Morgan left his home in Virginia to fight for the Union army, despite his family and his fiancée’s loyalties to the South. Now, with battle fresh in his mind, and the war still raging, he chances a quick trip home with one prayer…to make peace this Christmas.






KISS Front Cover


Arizona Territory 1883

He came west to find freedom and ended up shackled to a chair. She’s not sure she ever wants to let him go.






Out of the Storm


Fire in a Storm

USSR 1934
He was secret police and he knew his purpose. Religion was the enemy and God, the deception. Then a glimpse of gold and silver, and the woman who wore it, threatened everything he trusted.


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